Adjust Your Focus

“You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on You, because he trusts in You. Isaiah 26:3 

If you’ve ever handled a camera, then you’ll know something about adjusting your focus in order to capture a sharp image. When someone asks what they should do to ensure the power of God continues to work in their lives for unending peace and prosperity, I give them a simple answer: focus your mind on the Lord the same way you focus your camera lens on an object to get a clear image. When your mind (thoughts, emotions, and attention) is focused on God’s Word, you’re guaranteed to always walk in peace and prosperity.

Your mind is a powerful tool given to you by God for transforming your life from glory to glory. If you’d give the right attention to the Word, it doesn’t matter the storms that come against you, you’ll be at rest, because the Lord Himself keeps you in “perfect peace.”

The Hebrew word for “peace” in Isaiah 26:3 is “shalom,” which describes the “rest” of God, wherein is prosperity, health, strength, and salvation. This means that you can be as prosperous, successful, and healthy as you ever want to be if you yield your mind to God’s Word. Your mind is the door to your spirit. The Word of God in your system is your secret to a miraculous and supernatural life. So keep your focus on God’s Word, and divine peace and prosperity will be your continuous experience.

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  • by Hlobsile Sibandze
    Posted 16 — 09

    Wow! What an inspiring and educational message! Thank you Pastor Sir. Much love for you Sir

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