COVID-19 and Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome in Children

What is happening in the world today around the so called Covid-19 pandemic makes no sense. Not so long ago children have enjoyed the scientific rule that they could not have Coronavirus but despite the strict measures by governments of the world- Covid-19 seems to spur beyond WHO and its allies facts the Covid-19.  As of lately there’s a new phenomenon around the Covid-19 fiasco- a rare but deemed serious health condition in children called Multi-System Inflammatory Syndrome is strongly linked to Covid-19.

·         The association between COVID-19 and MIS-C is not well understood, nor do scientists know who is most at risk for this illness. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics wants to reassure parents that very few children get severely ill from the virus that causes COVID-


·         Median patient age was 8.3 years, and 115 patients (62%) were boys. Fifty-seven of 186 (31%) were Hispanic or Latino, 46 (25%) were black, 35 (19%) were white, 41 (22%) were of unknown race, and 9 (5%) were another race and non-Hispanic.

·         Median hospital stay was 7 days, and 148 (80%) needed intensive care, 90 (48%) needed medications to regulate their blood pressure, 37 (20%) required invasive mechanical ventilation, 32 (17%) needed noninvasive mechanical ventilation, and 8 (4%) needed their blood oxygenated outside of their body. Fifteen patients (8%) had coronary artery aneurysms, and seventy-four (40%) had characteristics similar to those of Kawasaki disease.

·         Of 186 patients, 171 (92%) had elevated levels of at least four inflammatory biomarkers. As of May 20, 130 patients (70%) had been released from the hospital, 52 (28%) remained in the hospital, and 4 (2%) had died.

·         Of the four children who died, two had underlying conditions and three needed their blood oxygenated outside of their body. All were 10 to 16 years old.

·         Studies revealed the same high level of intensive care: 80%.

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