Once again, the International Easter Youth Camp with Pastor Chris held in Johannesburg, South -Africa; with this edition being a Journey in Divine Destiny to youth who attended the program. Drawing from several Nations, delegates converged on the venue, with high expectations, and hearts ready to be transformed by this experience. Expectations that were shared openly by some of the participants, with Poojah from India saying: “From this camp, I know that I’ll be changed; I’ll be bolder to win souls for Jesus. I will not remain the same, and my country will not remain the same.”

The first night’s session began with moments of worship, along with many special presentations in music and dance from representatives of various countries. These were capped by a session with the highly esteemed Director of Church Ministry, Rev. Tom Amenkhienan, welcoming the youth to the program and encouraging them saying, “there’s something special about you being here, because you’re special. You’re going to have an impactful, life-transforming experience. Open your spirit and receive everything that God is depositing inside you and you’ll turn out champions for life.”

Reverend Tom went on to exhort the youths with a message titled, ‘Your Destiny in God’. He explained that there are two kinds of destinies: the natural destiny, which is controlled by environment, economy and other such factors; and, the divine destiny, which a person enters into once they become born again. “Your destiny will determine your destination,” he said, expatiating that divine destiny entails unveiling God’s love, His Word and His glory to all men. “You’re God’s hope, His voice and His medium of expression in your world; that’s why you can’t keep quiet,” he admonished the youths.

The next day was filled with wonderful activities and visits to the Lion & Rhino Park and Gold Reef City, the delegates arrived at the evening session with so much enthusiasm for a time of spiritual enlightenment and insight. Sharing the impact of the camp thus far, Barbara from Switzerland said, “My experience at the Youth Camp has been great and full of glory. The teachings have been amazing, my heart has been touched. Thank you Pastor Chris, for putting the Word in us.”

The message for the day was delivered by the Global Youth Leaders’ Forum Coordinator, Pastor Rhoda Olusina. She talked to the youths about their calling to fulfill God’s dream, which is for all men to be saved. She urged them to use every opportunity to propagate the Gospel, saying, “You are the preacher to your world. God’s desire is for all men to be saved; you have been called to fulfill God’s dream. You’re the only one who can reach out to the people in your world. Don’t keep quiet — all the Holy Spirit wants is for you to open your mouth and let Him fill it with life-giving words.”

The delegates spent time to pray for their countries and the prevalence of the Gospel in their nations, and they also prayed about the final healing service of the Autumn Session which held on the day.

Indeed, the truth is marching on, and these youth are soldiers-in-training for the advancement of the God’s Kingdom. Today promises to be a memorable encounter for the delegates as they will attend the Healing Service with Pastor Chris.

The next day began with prayers, exercise drills and bible study classes, after which the delegates proceeded to the morning session. Interceding for the nations and the spread of the Gospel, the youths started the meeting with heartfelt prayers and moments of worship. Several special presentations from the delegates and a ‘Bible Man’ gameshow, among others, made the session lively and exciting. The delegates were delighted to have as their instructor, the Director of the BLW Campus Ministry, Pastor Freedom-Wealth Eriya. In a rousing message, he charged the youths to always be conscious of fulfilling Christ’s purpose in them. He enumerated their purpose in Christ as reflecting the Father’s glory, preaching the Gospel and establishing the Kingdom of God in all nations.

Having been conditioned to receive even more, the delegates are more expectant for the evening meeting with the man of God, Pastor Chris.

The session began with moments of prayer, praise and worship. The youths were blessed with special presentations from different countries. They were motivated to do more for the Kingdom of God as they listened to fellow delegates share their testimonies of advancing the Gospel in their respective regions and countries, despite the opposition.

“There’s something supernatural inside us,” Pastor charged the youths.

Moments of worship spurred the young people to revel in the glory of God’s presence. It was in this atmosphere of reverence and awe that the man of God, Pastor Chris, entered the arena. The delegates received insight and increased knowledge as the man of God answered questions that had burned in their hearts.

Pastor Chris asked the youths, “How will you impact your generation? You’ve got to make a decision that your life is for the glory of God. No matter what you do, do it for the Lord. There’s something supernatural inside us, and we’ve got to learn how to use it.”

The evening ended on a high note, and the youths departed with heightened expectations for the days ahead.

From the first day of the 2017 International Easter Youth Camp, the youths have received enlightenment and inspiration from the Word. Many are already set to return to their countries and take the land with renewed fervency.

The preceding day commenced with Bible study classes, followed by a morning session that was packed with many exciting segments, including a talk show that focused on informing the youths about the Global Youth Leaders’ Forum (GYLF) and how to take advantage of the myriad of available opportunities for global impact.

In his rousing message, Pastor Biodun Lawal, BLW Assistant Secretary-General and Director of Teens’ Ministry, talked about ‘the Activist Minister’. He told the youths, “Let your life be for the gospel; fight for it. God is raising soldiers, who will sacrifice their life for it and will not accept anything but the Lordship of Jesus in their locality. You are His weapon of war. When you get back, fight that the name of Jesus should be know where you are. Fight for the Gospel.”

“Big things happen when you worship,” Pastor Chris taught, at the Tuesday evening session of the International Easter Youth Camp. The session started with the youths glorifying God with open hearts and lifted hands. There were several talk shows, including a GYLF Talk Show on strategies for greater impact.

In a discussion about their experience at the Camp thus far, one of the delegates said, “As much as I love it here, I can’t wait to go back and start doing what God has created us to do. I look forward to the testimonies.” The youths were ministered to in dance, songs and the spoken word by delegates from Venezuela, Botswana, Norway, South Pacific, United Kingdom, El Salvador, Syria and Nigeria.

Expectant for increase in knowledge, the delegates glorified the name of the Lord and were deep in worship when Pastor Chris arrived for the meeting. He exhorted the youths on the importance of true worship. “Worshipping God with songs of praise and thanksgiving is very important to Him. So, when you get opportunities to do it, take it seriously, because big things happen when you worship,” he said.

Explaining the scripture in John 4:23, Pastor Chris further explained, “You can’t worship God in your own way. Jesus said in spirit and in truth. He meant that you worship Him from your spirit and based on the Word of God.” The man of God also gave the youths the opportunity to ask questions, and he answered each one with truths from the Bible, thus encouraging them to give attention to God’s Word. He also took time to specially minister to delegates who had health challenges in their bodies.

“Be the David to your generation,” Pastor Chris charged delegates in the final session of Youth Camp! Excited and looking forward to receiving all that the Spirit of God had in store for them, the delegates has arrived for the meeting. With songs of praise on every lip, the meeting commenced in an atmosphere of worship and reverence. During one of the inspiring talk shows, several youths motivated their co-delegates by unveiling their plans for action once they return home from the IEYC. A delegate from Trinidad & Tobago said, “I’ll make sure that I win at least one soul every day.”

The man of God, Pastor Chris, gave an extensive discourse on demons and other forces of evil in the world, as well as their spiritual activities. Explaining the import of this knowledge, he told the youths that, “We’ve got to preach the Gospel now, more than ever. We can’t just be quiet, because there’s no other name by which men can be saved.”