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Kiddo Club is about five special God fearing friends learning to put the word to work in their lives through the help a teenage "Pastor Chris", a version of Man of God Pastor Chris.
The children deal with different challenges in kindergarten, dealing with relationships, lying, friendships and Christianity.

Cody is a funny seven year old, he is light-hearted, he gets over his expression of sarcasm as he learns of the love of God through the series
Amber is the sweet, cute and kind, however, she evolves to manage her emotions through the course of the series. She is 6 years old.
Thabo is overly expressive, an elaborate character who tends to be a joker bringing great laughs through various situations. He is 7 years old
Yoko is arguably the smartest one in the group. But she tends to come off as the miss know it all. She is also the oldest in the group, being 8 years old.
Ranji is the youngest and incredibly smart. He was shy and timid until he gave his life to Christ. He's 6 and a half years old.

Kiddo Club

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  • Season 1 Episode 4
  • Season 1 Episode 5 & 6

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CHRIST EMBLEM is an International Christian school set to train up children in the word and moreover using the “powers” of their faith to overcome challenges. The school operates as per usual schooling activities, teaching academic subjects, as well as Christian studies. However Christ Emblem goes beyond just the academic and physical world. The Principal of the school, Mr. Davis, knows that there are battles most don’t see, battles in the spirit realm between the forces of good and the forces evil; “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.” - Ephesians 6:12

He sets out to create a team of young people; students, who are strong enough to wrestle with the forces of evil. He raises faith prodigies, children whose faith are strong enough to bring forth certain powerful characteristics of the Holy Spirit displaying his divine presence in any challenge. He teaches these students to operate fully in power of the Holy Ghost, stirring up their faith to manifest specialized physical abilities from the spirit realm to overcome evil in their world.

Somto, Josh, Palesa, Gwen, Luke and Justin are students at the South African Division of Christ Emblem, who have shown exceptional abilities to harness greater levels of faith. With these six students, Dr Davis builds a team of young people who can muster up great faith to invoke the power of the Holy Ghost to defeat evil. Together these young students filled with the spirit, form the C-SQUAD. Which stands for CHRIST SQUAD.

Dr Davis develops a device called the FAITH MONITOR for these young individuals. This device inspired of Holy Spirit, helps them keep track of their faith levels and also it lets them know when to muster up more faith to display greater levels of their individual abilities. To be able to fully harness the special abilities the Holy Spirit has bestowed upon them, the students would need a certain percentage of faith and the device let’s them know specifically what amount they need. The device also let’s them video call Mr. Davis for guidance, instructions and for help in times of need on the field.

The story develops in each episode as more characters join the plot and the team. However in this school not all students have shown that they have the necessary “FAITH LEVEL” to go into the field. So most students apart from Josh, Somto, Palesa, Gwen and Luke are not yet allowed on field missions. Justin, although one of the few to show promise in regards to his special abilities, is still not allowed on field missions. As he still needs to truly develop and grow his faith to harness his God given special abilities.

As the story progresses it is eventually discovered as well that there is a mole in the school. Someone close to the students who plants seeds of doubt so they can’t muster up faith. This individual, who is the school’s guidance counselor Dr. Bradley, adds a twist to the plot and at first is unknown, until it is revealed in the story.

Dr. Elizabeth Bradley has been sent to Christ Emblem School South Africa, to infiltrate and destroy the system that is interfering with her Master’s plans. LORD LUSCIOUN as she calls him, is the master of all evil and aims to corrupt every soul before the coming of Christ. His plans however have been disrupted by a “persistent menace”, or so he calls them, that defeat evil in the name of Jesus Christ.

C-SQUAD go about the world, winning souls, preaching the gospel and defeating evil spiritual forces. They know that they wrestle not against flesh and blood so their battle in is the spirit realm. Where they battle the demonic force Of LORD LUSCIOUN.