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  • by Sister Bone Motlhaomme
    Posted 13 — 07

    Thank you Pastor For the great opportunity to pray for minister.what a time of fellowship.Ooh Hallelujah.

  • by CE Bonamoussadi
    Posted 5 — 07

    Please check the sound, it keeps breaking!

  • by Grace Akpeji
    Posted 4 — 07

    Wow!!! What mysteries being unveiled tonight…every man in the world need to hear these things for themselves… great words. Tongues….. today’s broadcast is 🔥 🔥 🔥

    Thank you Pst Sir

  • by Grace Akpeji
    Posted 4 — 07

    Evey day is a day of joy for me…. glory

  • by Grace Akpeji
    Posted 4 — 07

    My everyday is a day of joy….

  • by Saint Pat
    Posted 4 — 07

    Thank you Pastor Freedom, Jesus is my Riddance halleluyah

  • by graceudensi
    Posted 3 — 07

    When we have become children of God, we have a lifetime of discovering more and more of God’s character. But trustworthiness, love, righteousness, holiness, and mercy certainly are at the heart of who God is.

  • by Sis Chiedza Mushayavanhu
    Posted 1 — 07

    Wow wow. Thats the Holy Spirit at work and I am grateful for the inspiration. Glory to God

    • by Joan Rangwaga
      Posted 23 — 07

      Praying for ministers of the gospel 🙌

    • by Shakespeare Binza
      Posted 1 — 05

      Thank you man OF God, what an amazing prayer, changing lives as always.

    Posted 1 — 07


  • by Hlakaniphile Guma
    Posted 30 — 06

    Glory to God. I am enjoying minute of the rebroadcast of the Global Day of Prayer with our man of God. Hallelujah….😇🌟🌍 We have brought every wicked scheme and fraud of this scamdemic to the obedience of Christ.

      Posted 30 — 06

      Oh, Hallelujah!! Yes indeed sis Hlakaniphile

      • by Isaya stemela
        Posted 13 — 07


    • by Edith Marumo
      Posted 11 — 07

      Thank you Esteemed Rev Sir. Glory to God forever more. We love you Sir

    • by Waseem
      Posted 29 — 07

      Hollo pastor chris my name waseem I am Ex Muslim I believe only jesus my heart only believe jesus pls pray for me because I am alon here jesus my heart i every day morning bible study jesus help me because I no have job Pls pray for me jesus Lover God bless you & your family always happy life Amen God bless you all

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