Leaders of major political parties in the UK have gone head-to-head for the snap election which is expected to happen on 12 December.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson's election promise is a "triple tax lock" for the next five years, which means the Conservatives will not increase income tax, national insurance tax and value-added tax (VAT). The Conservative Party's manifesto also promises to get the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement back for a parliamentary vote before 25 December.

  • Boris Johnson has promised 50,000 more nurses in England and the creation of 50 million more GP appointments.
  • Other pledges include tighter immigration controls. The manifesto, which the Prime Minister described as a "partial blueprint" for the future of the country, promises 20,000 more police officers and to "level up" schools funding.
  • Raising the National Insurance threshold to £9,500 pounds in 2020, with an ambition to raise it further to £12,500 pounds. Childcare: £250 million pounds a year, for at least three years, plus a £250m capital spending boost, for "wraparound" childcare - meaning after school or during holidays
  • Environment: £6.3 billion pounds for upgrades to homes. £500 million pounds a year for four years for filling potholes
  • A new National Skills Fund of £600 million pounds a year for five years.
  • Building "Northern Powerhouse Rail" between Leeds and Manchester and investing £28.8 billion pounds in strategic and local roads.
  • A review of the "relationship between the government, Parliament and courts".
  • There are no plans to repeal the Hunting Act, which bans the hunting of foxes and others wild mammals with dogs in England and Wales.