Search Results In Gauteng Continue To Record High COVID-19 Recoveries

The total number of confirmed COVID19 cases is 434 200 which we know are false, then they say they have a total number of deaths is 6 655 and the total number recoveries is 263 054.

By Friday evening, Gauteng had recorded 4729 recoveries in a 24 hour period, which brought its total recoveries to 82 126. Gauteng Provincial Coronavirus Command Council says the country is now recording a high number of recoveries.

Few Months the man of God Rev Dr. Chris Oyakhilome said the reason many nations are falsely reporting high numbers of Covid-19 is so they can get funding. This has become so common, as many nations suddenly qualify for large amounts of loans from the likes of IMF, as of the moment South Africa has been approved by the IMF for a 4 billion dollar loan which stated as Rapid Financing Instrument.

  • Had the country not have reported large positive Covid-19 case numbers, it would not have qualified for the loan. These nations have sacrificed the truth for money, as they decisively manipulate Covid-19 numbers.
  • The IMF requires that South Africa repay the funds to the IMF over 20 months beginning 40 months after the loan is disbursed. This means that South Africans will need to ensure that the funds to repay the IMF are properly budgeted for.

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