The Spirit of the Law

Is a legal talk show where a well seasoned lawyer Ada Ama Njoku discusses various legal topics with other expert lawyers. It’s an educational program that informs with the aim of educating the viewers about their legal rights.

The lawyers are top-notch lawyers, legal representatives, legal aides, and Judges from around the country. We have had the honor of interviewing Judge Thokozile Masipa, and Lisa Chamberlain. Also owners, associate partners, or top partners in their firms have had their say on the show. These lawyers come to educate us more on the provisions that the law makes that favor or don’t favor the people.

These legal rights includes; consumer’s rights is one in which a consumer if after buying a product is not satisfied with the product can return it. Or if a consumer signs a contract under duress can go to a court of law and have that contract nullified.

There are so many laws and policies in place that favor consumers and because they are not aware they are being taken for granted. There are rights that domestic workers have, there are rights that mine workers have.

The lawyers on the show tell the people where they can go to lay their claims, and how to go about it. Some lawyers on the show go as far as offering free consultations to anyone that has issues regarding the topic matter. International and local trending cases are also analysed on the show like the notorious cases of Oscar Pristorius and Flabba.


The legal implications that also face the country is also discussed like the State Capture Report and the fees must fall movement. All these legal issues and more are discussed on this show. Some topics are also discussed based on demand from viewers. The show has a huge follower ship on Kings chat LoveWorldSat super user, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and twitter. The show goes live every Tuesday by 6pm sharp.

The presenter is Ada Ama-Njoku The Senior Legal Advisor & Head of Legal Research Tocchae Holdings (Pty) Ltd.

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