With No New patients, 74 COVID-19 Facilities In Tanzania Shut Down

Tanzania’s health minister has announced that the government is shutting down 74 out of 85 designated COVID-19 facilities across the country for lack of patients.

The ministry said that Ummy Mwalimu announced the move after closing down a designated facility at Lulanzi in Kibaha district in Coast region. Mwalimu said the closed-down designated COVID-19 facilities were now offering normal health services and urged people to visit the facilities saying they were free of COVID-19, according to the statement. The East African country reported its last COVID-19 update on 29 April. The Tanzanian government opened schools in late June, having okayed international flights, having expressed satisfaction with the country’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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  • by James Ajibola
    Posted 17 — 07

    Since this other countries are still fighting covid, can we ask for asylum or rather the good countries like Tanzania should open their borders to people that feel vaccines aren’t necessary. People should have a right to live where ever they want since they want to porous borders

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