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    Posted 14 — 07


  • by Rare Inije
    Posted 17 — 07

    Greetings beloved. Thank you for the great work you are doing. Just wanted to tell you that Louisiana Governor has called for 3 days of prayer and fasting . The church is winning. I love you. See link to the news

  • by Ziviso
    Posted 18 — 07

    Amen!! I can do all things through Christ who strengthen me.

  • by Khethelo
    Posted 19 — 07

    Wow don’t know where to begin, it’s been amazing. During this time the word has become so personal to me, 😍 God has been so faithful and so kind by giving us pastor and the opportunity to hear all we hear. I’m. Eternally grateful God is doing a mighty work in me and I know it. Thank you Pastor I love you so much much. I pray and thank God for you with tears because if not for you I don’t know what my life would be

  • by Joseph
    Posted 19 — 07

    what an amazing service!!!!!

  • by Ziviso
    Posted 19 — 07

    Amen! I am focused. Thank you Pastor Sir.

  • by Cupido Philander
    Posted 21 — 07

    I am a witness. I am a believer. This scenes breaks my heart and I am weeping, and I will as I did will pray for God’s will with Pastor Chris that this never happens again.

    It is sad because as we speak Cape Town is burning and the people are no more safe. That a soldier who saw his friends killed says he feel so unsafe and happy when he wakes up in the morning just for opening his eyes.

    Thanks for showing us this painfull past. Oh the men were evil evil. THANKS for your great work God bless you. Iam sharing all my feed from Loveworld sat to the whole world

  • by Sis Bone Motlhaomme
    Posted 22 — 07

    #prayingnow #CeMolepolole #BotswanaGroup #Cesazone3

  • by Philda Fortuin
    Posted 28 — 07

    Halleluya Gloryyyyyy to God
    Thank you for this opportunity
    It is an honour

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