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Some thing Great about Partnering

Help reach the unreached with the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ

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  • by Evelyn Fanti
    Posted 21 — 10

    There is nothing better and good as being a parter of the gospel, working together with God. Taking the Gospel to the ends of the nations. Gospel is free but its not cheap, the gospel of Jesus Christ has to move. I am so happy to be a part of it.

  • by Minister EvelynChrist@EveChrist33
    Posted 21 — 10

    I partner with all the networks, but now I partner with Lwsat, because I am in Ministry now, and this is the place to be, keep abreast with happenings in ministry, and where to send my partnerships. I pray that the grace for the Holy Spirit to push my partnership through past the adversary is abundantly available. Glory to God! Thank you and God Bless you.

  • by Philda Fortuin
    Posted 27 — 10

    Psalm 68-11
    The Lord gave the word and
    Great was the company that published it
    That is Christ Embassy

    Thank you
    Pastor Chris

  • by The word of God is at work in my life
    Posted 27 — 10

    I am grateful

  • by Nice
    Posted 19 — 11

    perfect idea, thank you Pastor

  • by Lizzie Sherrill
    Posted 20 — 11

    Thank you pastor Chris for Loveworld. I watch you everyday and nite on loveworld until I sleep. now you are no long on tv. I learn who I am in the lord, and what he plan for my life from Rhapsody. Thanks, I am still following your ministry.

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