LoveworldSAT is a premier Christian television station delivering the best in value-based family content that is inspiring, meaningful, life-changing and informative, broadcasting from South Africa to the world.

LoveworldSAT Decoder and Any Free To Air Decoder Settings

Kindly reboot and reset your decoder using the following settings (kindly note that these work only for MPEG-4 (HD) Decoders):

Using your Remote Control:
  1. Press Menu
  2. At Installation Press ok
  3. Go to motorised settings and Press Ok
  4. Go to Motor SetUp and Press Ok
  5. On Satellite: press the right arrow to scroll until you get to *Intelsat20/7-KU*
  6. Use your down arrow button to get to the next line ( *Transponder* )
  7. Now press right arrow button until you get to *12562*. {12562H27496 or 12562H27500/1 or 12562H30000}
  8. Leave *Motor Mode* as NONE
  9. Press exit to go back to Dish settings
  10. Press Ok On Satellite, search for: *Intelsat20/7-KU*
  11. Ensure transponder is 12562
    (if not use right arrow to scroll to it)
  12. LNB Frequency: 9750-10600
  13. LNB Power: 13v/18v
  14. 22K: On
  15. DiSEqC1.0: None
  16. DiSEqC1.1: None
  17. Scan mode should be on FTA channels.
  18. Press Exit
  19. Go to blind scan
  20. Go to IntelSat 20/7- KU (Number 27) AND PRESS OK
    Decoder will start scanning, until it gets to 100%
    Then press OK
  21. It will displays all channels. Use up or down arrow until you get to LOVEWORLDSAT

DSTV Explora/HD Settings
  1. Go to settings
  2. Satellite settings
  3. Press Blue Dstv Button
  4. Go to Settings
  5. Select satellite settings
  6. Go to additional networks
  7. network 5
  8. Enable network – Yes
  9. Use Unit – Yes
  10. Frequency – 12562
  11. Modulation – DVB-S2
  12. Symbol Rate – 30000
  13. FEC – 5/6
  14. Polarization – Horizontal
  15. Then select “Scan this”
    (After scanning it will kick you back to the channel you were watching before)
  16. Press options
  17. Channel group “Select all channels”
  18. Go back to main screen
  19. Scroll until you see Loveworldsat on the channel list.

Note: You May find 2-3 LoveworldSAT channels. 1 may be just audio and the
other one plays perfectly well.

For Technical Support kindly call +27 67 073 9223