Free From Cancer & Fibroids

My name is Pastor Joy Tankeu. For many years I have been experiencing severe pains after my menstruation circle. I started taking treatment for the condition. The pains were persistent even after giving birth to my two children and because I was not getting better, I stopped the treatment. 
I have known Pastor Chris from my childhood as the Man of God. In 2018 my husband and I came in contact with Pastor Chris through LoveworldSAT.  Since then we became consistent; listening to His messages and the word of God. I made the word of God my daily dose of drugs and faith declarations.
In December 2019 we decided to go for tests and I was diagnosed with breast cancer and fibroids. The doctors recommended that I go for therapy but I refused. We held on to God’s word; praying together as a family. 
On Sunday the 9th of February 2020, I started feeling serious pain in my body. I couldn’t walk or move or get out of bed. The pain was getting worse by the day. I couldn’t sleep because the pain was unbearable. I started praying with my 2 children throughout the night because 
I believe so much in the Word and prayer; God has been faithful. On Saturday I started regaining strength,  I could stand up on my own and on Sunday morning the Holy Spirit did a surgical operation during my sleep. I had a vision of a lump of blood coming out while using the 
bathroom. When I woke up I was fully energized and was able to go to church. 
Thank you so much Pastor Chris. I rejoice in the divine seeds of the word you have planted in me. Pastor Chris, you are a blessing to the world and a father to the fatherless. May God continue to use you to touch lives. 

– Pastor Joy Tankeu (Cameroon)

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