I Received My Miracle Job

I was out of a job for a very long time and that was the difficult phase of my life. One day a friend of mine told me about Pastor Chris. At that time I did not have access to data or internet, so I got LoveworldSAT settings to watch on tv.
The first show I watched was Pastor Chris teaching and at the end of the programme I saw a promo with their call center contact details. Indeed I called the office and there I spoke to a lady who was very nice to me and gave me the Word and encouragement. My airtime cut off the call, but the lady was kind enough to call me back. She led me to Christ and filled me with the Holy Spirit.  I started speaking in tongues and she prayed for me. I immediately felt something in my body and decided to go lie down. And as I was trying to nap, my phone rang and I was told to come for an interview the next day.
I had not applied for the job but when I went there the following day, I was told my name was not on their list but I should wait at the reception. When I looked around there were people who got a call back for their second interviews (as they were shortlisted).
After a while the manager came to me and asked me to follow him to his office and he did not even interview me, he just asked for my details and congratulated me on getting the job.
I am very grateful to God and to Pastor Chris for the messages. Now I am employed and I thank God for all He has done for me.
Henry from South Africa

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  • by Bro. Musa
    Posted 8 — 11

    Congratulations Henry, God is good.

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