I Am Free From Pain After Watching Your Loveworld With Pastor Chris

I would like to use this opportunity to thank our man of God Pastor Chris for the privilege to share my testimony.

Thank you Pastor Chris for imparting us with great revelation insight for this season. I would also like to also thank the Chronicles of Prophecy crew for your wisdom-filled analysis. God bless you. I have had a challenge on my lower back for months and it was hard for me to bend or sometimes sit for long periods. But glory to God I got healed during Pastor Chris’s live broadcast of Your Loveworld. Before the program, I was booked to see a doctor to get a diagnosis but I cancelled my booking because I had already received my healing when Pastor prayed for the sick. Today I can do things that I couldn’t do before; I can bend, run, dance, and much more. Thank you Pastor Chris for all the teachings and your prayers for us. I love you Sir.

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