June 2022 – Global Day Of Prayer with Pastor Chris

Image: LovworldSAT

As we enjoy a year prophesied by our dear man of God and prophet of our time, Rev.Dr.Chris Oyakhilome, the year of Gathering clouds; a year where the faith we have expressed will rain and pour out itself in answers and exceeded expectations, the more reason we are excited to announce the upcoming June 2022 edition of the “Global Day Of Prayer.” So join us in spreading these good news and invite your family members, friends, colleagues and all you know to join in the special live +24 hours time of ceaseless prayers.  

It’s our month of “Prayer and Unending Praise”, so as we lead up to the upcoming Global Day Of Prayer with Pastor Chris remember to join the live praise session on www.unendingpraise.pastorchrislive.org 

Also join the live prayer session on www.pastorchrislive.org 

Share you testimonies with us on on thee previous edition of the “Global Day Of Prayer with Pastor Chris” and your expectations for the upcoming edition.

Email us on loveworldsatdaily@loveworldsat.org or text us on +2767 073 2620

We look forward to hearing from you. God bless you!

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