LIVE TONIGHT: Your Loveworld S2 Phase 2

Your Loveworld with Pastor Chris Season 2 Phase 2 is here. Enjoy LIVE week long deep teachings by the man of God, Pastor Chris, as he unravel revelations of Jesus and the authority we have on the earth in His Name. 

Your Loveworld with Pastor Chris are LIVE Broadcasts where the man of God gives in-depth bible teachings to a global audience; elevating our knowledge of the scriptures.


  • by Alex Siza Mbambo
    Posted 11 — 10

    Hi esteemed I am requesting prayers as I am demonic attacked

    • by LoveworldSAT Online Team
      Posted 30 — 10

      Hello Alex! Thank you for commenting on LoveworldSAT’S live TV. We would like to talk to you. Kindly
      email us your contacting details to so we can contact you and pray with you.

      Thank you and God bless you!😇

      • by Baitheri Ositile
        Posted 12 — 03

        Hi esteemed I am requesting prayers as I am facing a challenge of acid reflux with moving object in my chest

  • by Jean Paul Galami
    Posted 17 — 07

    I love love world sat.
    Thann you si much d’or tour work d’or God.

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