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  • by Nomalungelo
    Posted 16 — 07

    Good afternoon I’m not delighted about the way is happening on Chanel 404 and 405, these channel is biased,all people that are called to speak are Anti-Zuma not Pro-Zuma,Why? Another thing Reverend Chikane is misjudging judging the former President JZ

  • by Desia Ratlhagane
    Posted 22 — 07

    I am Ready to make tremendous power available for change!

    • by Greder Annick
      Posted 28 — 07

      Good evening,
      I have a question : how do de parents peotect our children against forced vaccination in Secondery school in France from 1 September 2021 on?
      We parents are forbidden To enter schools.
      If we keep the children at home, POLICE comes into houses to pull them out. Besides prayers, what is te solution? I speak for many christian families in France.
      Thank and you are blessed

      Sis Annick

  • by Joseph sabo
    Posted 23 — 07

    I am strengthened

    • by Sis mmathato
      Posted 24 — 07

      What a wonderful time of prayers it has been.
      Thank you loveworldsat for connecting us to this wonderful conference.
      The devil is in trouble indeed
      I am so so blessed

      • by Julian Johnson
        Posted 26 — 07

        Glory, what a glorious time with the Lord

        • by Tah Ethel
          Posted 30 — 07

          I’m blessed.Glory!!!
          So enriched by this season three.

        • by Tah Ethel
          Posted 30 — 07

          I’m blessed.Glory!!!
          So enriched by this season three. Thank you pastor Chris.

    • by Dorothy
      Posted 28 — 07

      Satan has no place in our life’s in Jesus name 🙏

      • by Angela Adonisi
        Posted 31 — 07

        Thank you pastor sir for opening our eyes with fiasco parndemic

  • by Pastor Nilanka Roshan Perera
    Posted 26 — 07

    Wonderful,Glory to god,Thank you Pastor Chris

  • by Tshepo
    Posted 26 — 07

    Power Power Power!

  • by Ntokozo Whati
    Posted 27 — 07

    I’m ready

  • by Zama Mtolo
    Posted 27 — 07

    I am strengthed everytime

  • by Fune Mnyandu
    Posted 28 — 07

    I thank God for the Man of God Pastor Chris. My life is on a higher level because of his teachings. God bless you a lot Pastor Sir. Much love Sir.

  • by FlorenceMbuqe
    Posted 29 — 07

    Hallelujah connected thank you loveworldsat

  • by Emmanuel Ludovick
    Posted 30 — 07

    This site is Wonderful!!

    I am watching from North Cyprus

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