Pray-a-thon with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome


  • by Jerome Mabika
    Posted 21 — 06

    Great evening evening Pastor Sir thanks so much for your time to pray for the Nation’s of the world!

  • by Philile Khanyile
    Posted 22 — 06


    • by Roseline Tambo
      Posted 24 — 06

      Hallelujah. Thank you Pastor Sir for this opportunity. I am highly expectant to receive answers. It’s a Divine Appointment with God. Glory to God.

      • by Tobias Sondayi
        Posted 25 — 06

        Good evening pastor. My expectation on this great day is for my father in law to be completely healed. I pray that he shall be endured with power from on high and his life will never be the same.

  • by Gaolathe Kaisara
    Posted 23 — 06

    My expectation are to get all churches open. Saints acquiring positions of power and influence. And being bold to worship God the bible way

  • by Nolundi
    Posted 23 — 06

    Halleluyah. I expect healing for many who are sick due to corona vurus and many people to accept Jesus as their Lord and Saviour

    • by Edgar
      Posted 24 — 06

      My exhortations is a great mighty havest of souls all around the world.

  • by Charles Munene
    Posted 23 — 06

    For this generation and the whole world to see and realize that there’s a Mighty God in Heaven,

  • by Edgar
    Posted 24 — 06

    My expectations is a great mighty havest of souls all around the world

  • by Mercy Sibanda
    Posted 24 — 06

    Oh hallelujah!! Thank you Pastor Sir for the opportunity to pray with you I am blessed 🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌

  • by Mercy Sibanda
    Posted 24 — 06


  • by Thully
    Posted 26 — 06

    I am so highly expectant it’s a great opportunity to be in contact with our heavenly father amen.

  • by Br. Francis Sinyangwe
    Posted 26 — 06

    Power is Made available; the Atmosphere is saturated with Divine Answers. All Churches have been opened, and people around the world gather in churchs as God requires of us.

    As we pray, we produce Answers; billions of Souls are coming to Christ.

  • by Lawrence Anyaegbu
    Posted 29 — 06

    What an honor to stsnd in the gap for the nations of the world
    Thanks Pastor sir i love you

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