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The ISM Global Ministers’ Classroom (GMC) with Pastor Chris is a specialized program for Prayer, Fellowship, Strategy and the Word for ministers of the Gospel around the world. Over the years, the International School of Ministry (ISM) has organized Ministers’ Conferences with more than 181 countries in attendance. These include the ISM Ministers’ Conferences in Johannesburg, South Africa and the World Evangelism Conference(WEC), in London, United Kingdom.

Now in its 4th edition, this year’s ISM Global Ministers Classroom is a divinely orchestrated time of Prayer, Fellowship and Strategy for ministers of the gospel all around the world, as the church of Jesus Christ prepares and gathers in the end-time harvest.
The ISM Global Ministers Classroom is open to all Ministers of the Gospel: Church Pastors, Youth Pastors and Ministry Leaders.

Ministering at the Global Ministers Classroom, alongside the Man of God, Pastor Chris will be several other seasoned and anointed ministers of the gospel.

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  • by Mavis
    Posted 29 — 04


  • by Mavis
    Posted 29 — 04


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