With God Age Is Not A Limit!

It was in 2012 that the ministry of education advertised that they were recruiting more teachers between the ages of 18 and 35. I therefore decided to apply. When I arrived at the Provincial Education Offices I presented my academic qualification documents to the person in charge. After looking at them, he threw them back to me and screamed: “OVERAGE”.  I was so sad. I went back home and tuned in to watch Pastor Chris Teaching on LoveworldSAT and then I prayed as though everything depended on God.
The following morning I wore my white suit and went back to the department and when I got there I found the very same man who rejected me the previous day. The moment he saw me standing at his door, he ran up to me and received my papers with a nice smile on his face. I got the job that was meant for a 35-year-old. I got my chance at the age of 44; nine years above the age limit. Today I am a teacher.  It’s only God that can do it. Thank you Lord Jesus and thank you Pastor Chris.

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