After A Recount, The Cape Independence Party Gains A Seat In The Metro


Following a recount of ballots by the Electoral Commission, the Cape Independence Party has been given an additional seat in the Cape Town Metro.
Following its examination of objections material to the outcome of an election, the Electoral Commission altered the results and seat allocation in the Cape Town Metropolitan Council, according to a statement released on Thursday.
The Commission stated that it had discovered that the DA had been given an extra seat as a result of inaccuracies.
“Consultations with the Metro’s Party Liaison Committee, comments from impacted parties, and recounts in specified voting stations were all part of this case.”
“As a result of this process, the Cape Independence Party has been assigned an additional seat previously awarded to the Democratic Alliance following the municipal elections on November 1, 2021,” the Commission said.
“This procedure was initiated when the Cape Independence Party filed an appeal with the Electoral Court against the Commission’s determination that the Cape Independence Party had failed to record its objection in a timely and complete manner. Despite the time delay, the Court remanded the case to the Electoral Commission for decision.”
The Cape Independence Party’s name and shortened name were changed from CAPE PARTY/KAAPSE PARTY to Cape Independence Party with an abbreviated name of CAPEXIT in August 2021, which may have caused misunderstanding.
Recounts were undertaken in the presence of agents from political parties and candidates who had run in the affected wards, according to the Commission.
The Commission determined that the DA had been given an additional seat in the Cape Town Metro as a result of errors that occurred at some of these voting locations, partially as a result of misunderstanding caused by the change in the abbreviated name.
“While the total number of votes has stayed relatively steady, the recounts revealed vote tampering.”
The Commission stated, “The error has been addressed, and the voters’ wishes are now appropriately represented in the outcome system.”
They went on to say that during the November counting process, the original results sheets had been signed off by party agents representing political parties, other contenders, and observers in all of these cases.
“The Electoral Commission has notified the affected parties and has now written to the City of Cape Town’s Municipal Manager’s office to have seats in the legislature rectified in accordance with the amended and announced results.”
The results of the other 23 hundred or so polling places across the country are unaffected.
“We are really glad that justice has finally been delivered,” said Jack Miller, leader of the Cape Independence Party. It took seven months, and we had to take the IEC to court, to the Electoral Court, where we won our case, forcing the IEC to give us a recount.
“The IEC reported that we had zero votes in roughly 65 different voting stations, but we received calls from voters saying us that they and their entire family voted for us.” It’s implausible that the turnout at those polling booths was nil. The IEC only recounted those voting stations after we won our court challenge, and as a result of those recounts, we received a considerable number of votes, granting us an additional seat.”

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