All Schools in England Required to Teach LGBTQ-Inclusive Curriculum

In these times of the last days, it is imperative for parents to be watchful of the types of information being fed to their children. In a latest wicked turn, Beginning this month, all schools in England are required to teach an LGBTQ-inclusive curriculum.

High schools will educate students on sexual orientation, gender identity, and healthy relationships while primary schools will teach children about different families – including LGBTQ members. The new guidelines indicate that an updated curriculum will allow students to achieve “mental wellbeing” and “to know how to be safe and healthy.” the new measures were not well-received by all parents. Last November, parents in Birmingham protested against their children learning about LGBTQ equality, arguing that lessons on same-sex relationships go against their religious beliefs. Parents have the right to request that their child be withdrawn from some or all of the lessons taught as part of sex education, but students are not permitted to refuse the Relationship and Health Education section. The new policy reads, “We expect all pupils to have been taught LGBT content at a timely point as part of this area of the curriculum.”

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