Blessed With A New Shop After Lockdown

Greetings in the Name of Jesus. I am grateful to God and to Pastor Chris for this wonderful opportunity to share my testimony. Before the covid pandemic and lockdown, I used to share a shop with a friend. During these trying times I watched every program on LoveworldSAT, especially Your Loveworld with Pastor Chris. I remember the man of God said , “The period the enemy sought to waste from you, is restored unto you.” Hallelujah!

Thank you Pastor for the Word. After the lockdown l got an opportunity to rent my own shop at a lesser monthly rate. My monthly rental is R4000 less than what other tenants are paying. I shout for joy because God did it for me. I thank God for this grace and tremendous favour. Thank you so much Pastor Sir. I am forever grateful to be under the umbrella of Christ Embassy.

Anonymous_ South Africa

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