Busisiwe Mkhwebane’s Reinstatement Request is Pending Ruling From the High Court

IMAGE:The Citizen

What should have been a straightforward application of Section 18 (4) of the Superior Courts Act on Friday, September 16, dragged on into the wee hours as different legal teams dissected South African law, hurled insults, and concocted evil political plots, according to advocate Dali Mpofu for Busisiwe Mkhwebane.

According to Mpofu, there were allegations of the abuse of state authority, which he called “the greatest kind of corruption.” He claimed that Mkhwebane’s suspension by Rampahosa had been “the most remarkable event to happen” and that his client had been the victim of “the most heinous misuse of authority in the republic.”

In fact, Mpofu took it a step further, asserting that Mkhwebane’s suspension amounted to the death penalty.

He objected, saying, “We can’t lock up the Public Protector since PP workers might still be called to testify before the Section 194 [parliamentary impeachment] probe.”

Mpofu stated, pausing momentarily to add, “The Public Protector has no security; her only safeguard is the three justices sitting here.”

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