Chinese Christians, Missionaries Falsely Blamed For Covid Resurgence

In China’s Hebei province, local Christians and foreign missionaries are being blamed for a resurgence of COVID-19 infections that resulted in a strict lockdown enacted on Jan. 6 this new year.

Asia News reported on a conversation between a local priest and a member of his parish, showing that there has been a post circulating on social media singling Christians out as the source of the new coronavirus so called epidemic. Despite the rumor, the local priest of Shijiazhuang, who goes by the pseudonym Shanren Shenfu, told Asia News that the accused villages have no Christians and the church body’s religious activities have been banned since Christmas Eve. Religious activities were suspended mid-December following orders from the Patriotic Association and the Administrative Commission.  Priest Shanren Shenfu said the blame-shifting reminded him of emperor Nero, who was looking for a scapegoat for his own misdeeds and persecuted Christians as a result.

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