Coalition Questions Legality of Tshwane Mayor’s Clearance Certificate


Murunwa Makwarela’s clearance certificate, which was used to demonstrate that he was no longer insolvent, has come under intense examination regarding its veracity.

After giving the proof of his debt exemption to city manager Johann Mettler on Thursday, Makwarela moved to maintain his position as mayor of Tshwane.

After learning that the mayor was insolvent last week, Mettler notified the independent electoral committee that there was a vacancy in the city.

Makwarela was deemed ineligible to hold public office as a result by legislation.

However, the document surfaced on Thursday, just hours after he was restored to his position as mayor, and its contents are currently being scrutinized.

Some members of the multi-party coalition led by the Democratic Alliance (DA) say the paper appeared to be forged.

They objected to the case number, the absence of a court stamp that is typically present, and some of the official language on the document.

The certificate, according to Michael Beaumount of ActionSA, prompted questions.

There are a number of things about that certificate that instantly raise major concerns, according to what Beaumount said after seeing a copy and analyzing it with the help of experts.

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