Concerns for Newborns Affected by Pakistan’s Terrible Floods

When Kainat Solangi’s daughter was born on August 14, it was pouring. Since then, it hasn’t stopped much, leaving her family stranded in a temporary tent on a small patch of land surrounded by Pakistan’s worst-ever floods.

The eight-member family in the village of Rijepur, southwest Sindh province, constructed their shelter out of furniture and textile sheets that they were able to rescue from their flooded home. Rijepur is close to Khairpur Nathan Shah.

Solangi said she fears for Shumaila, her 24-day-old baby, whom she brought home from the hospital as it rained because she couldn’t afford to pay for her medication. She and her other five kids are now in need of food, ailing, and protection from the snakes that are also hunting for food and higher ground. Her husband, who makes a living every day, is disabled.

“Everyone who could afford to did so, but we are stuck in this community because we cannot afford to go. Money rules everything “She spoke. “We are powerless beings. I’ve had a fever and a throat infection for the third month in a row, therefore I’m unwell as well. Even purchasing some medications is beyond our means.”

According to the World Health Organization, women and children have been disproportionately impacted by Pakistan’s devastating floods due to a lack of access to healthcare (WHO).

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