Cyril Ramaphosa Appeals With Anc Councillor Candidates To Shun Corrupt

Image: BusinessLive

South Africa’s President Cyril Ramaphosa introduced the governing party’s almost 10,000 candidates for the upcoming local government elections and he recently pleaded to ANC councillor candidates to work hard and not be involved in corrupt activities after signing a pledge to serve better. Amongst other corruption scandals that has racked the country this years, is the Digital Vibes scandal. The SIU found that Digital Vibes is a front company that was used by close associates of the former minister to score a massive communication contract from his department. And the Zondo Commission horrendous revelations of massive looting of the country’s wealth by those in power.

The fraud and corruption charges brought against Magashule in November 2020 were as a result of Ramaphosa’s subsequent efforts to clean up large-scale corruption, meanwhile, the President has too been questioned on the controversial CR17 campaign funding. ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa has again defended his controversial CR17 campaign funding that catapulted him to the party’s top job.

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