Former Libyan Minister Bashagha Warns Against Delaying Election

As Libya approaches its December election, the country’s former interior minister Fathi Bashaga who is a probable candidate, warned the government not to delay the vote.

The general election is set for December 24th, the 70th anniversary of Libya’s declaration of independence. The vote is crucial as the country seeks a return to peace and security but there are attempts to delay the polls. Bashagha left the government in March but is still an influential figure. He did not explicitly confirm that he plans to run for the presidency. Bashaga also said that Europe is responsible for the chaos that ensued after 2011 when the West intervened to help end Gaddafi’s four-decade rule. It was announced Tuesday that Germany will host a new set of Libyan peace talks on June 23 in Berlin, with the Libyan transitional government due to attend. The gathering aims to bring together powers with interests in the North African country and its transitional government.

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