Germany Allows Churches To Reopen But Without Singing, Handshakes

Churches in Germany have been allowed to reopen this week, in keeping with the federal republic’s easing of restrictions on gatherings amid the coronavirus crisis.

  • Although many churches held in-person worship services on Sunday, they came with various restrictions. These measures included, not allowing handshakes as well as singing.
  • Some churches that before the Covid-19 crisis averaged 20,000 visitors a day, held a small service limited to 122 attendees.
  • South Korea was allowing megachurches and professional sports venues to hold events, albeit while still respecting social distancing rules.
  • Another Church in Seoul, for example, limited access to their 3,000-seat sanctuary to 700 attendees who preregistered and were given designated seating.
  • Some churches in the U.S. began to reopen as well, including Fellowship Church in Texas, which allowed only 25% of its sanctuary to be filled.
  • Other nations, however, have been more hesitant to lift such bans. Greece, for example, decided to maintain a ban on in-person services while allowing the easing of restrictions for other groups.

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