Leaked Pentagon Documents Show U.s. & U.k. Special Forces Already in Ukraine


In the last few weeks, leaked Pentagon documents surfaced on the net and gotten the world’s attention; the documents are primarily centered on the Ukraine war and heightens the involvement of the different players.

One of the major reveals from the documents is that U.S and its NATO allies sent soldiers in Ukraine at the beginning of the war, this is very contrary to the fact that the U.S has lied to the world- saying it was advocating for peace, yet it was perpetuating the war all along, and it has been said that Russia knew what has been happening all along. 

The leaked documents include allegations that Israel’s spy body Mossad is fueling the protests against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s proposed judicial reform, which would take away power from the Supreme Court.

Another leaked document suggested that Washington was pressuring the Israeli government to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine — a move which would go against Israel’s current stance and jeopardize Netanyahu’s good relationship with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

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