LN24 SA Townhall Debate On South Africa’s Upcoming Local Government Elections On Policy, Government Agenda And The Destruction Of Nationhood.

Image: LN24SA

South Africa gears for the municipal elections, parties are vying for the trust of the voters. This year’s local elections are like no other especially because of economic collapse caused by the covid 19 plandemic. The town-hall debate is a platform where the campaigning parties are here to talk, debate and tackle any issues that are of fundamental importance to the voters. This is where the parties will be revealing their stance on highly debated issues such as the vaccine mandatory, the closure and regulations of Churches,  policy & governance and not forgetting the ugly hand of corruption and many more; it is here that these parties will be giving the viewers answers to their questions on why they should vote for them.

Just a quick recap on what has been happening in the country, especially the policies that has many voters in disapproval of the government;

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