Load-shedding Will Be Completed In Time For The Start Of The New Week

Image: Cape Business News

Eskom stated on Sunday afternoon that its emergency generation reserves had recovered sufficiently following Saturday’s load-shedding.According to a report published on Sunday, Eskom expects to restore around 4,100MW of generation capacity to service by Monday evening, easing capacity restrictions even further.“Coal supply at Medupi power station has returned to normal, and a generating unit has been reactivated.”“While the Kendal ash plant is back in full operation, the station has experienced two generating unit failures.” At Kriel, Komati, and Arnot power stations, we’ve had more unit breakdowns, as well as a delay in returning a unit to operation at Tutuka.”As part of the dependability maintenance, Eskom stated the overall breaks equal to 13,634MW, while scheduled maintenance is 6,348MW of capacity.“While load-shedding will be discontinued for the time being, Eskom urges all South Africans to use electricity judiciously and turn off non-essential appliances.” If there are any significant modifications to the electricity system, we will notify you as soon as possible.”

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