Lybia To Construct Solar Plant With Total Energies

Image: Afrik 21

Libya’s Minister of Oil and Gas on Monday announced plans to construct a solar plant with French multinational Total Energies.

Mohamed Oun was speaking at the launch of Libya Energy and Economy Summit in Tripoli aimed at discussing energy security issues, as a way of solving existing crises and providing solutions to develop the sector. The 2021 Summit, endorsed by the Government of National Unity and backed by the National Oil Corporation and Libya’s Ministry of Oil and Gas, is the country’s first international energy event in nearly a decade, and seeks to advance foreign capital, technology and expertise in the energy sector. On Saturday, a delegation representing Total and specializing in the field of solar panels and alternative energy met with the General Authority for Investment Promotion and Privatization Affairs in Tripoli, where the two parties discussed the possibility of cooperation between the two sides in the field. According to the Oil and Gas minster, though Lybia has had its own challenges, the country is now safe and fertile for business, inviting foreign investor to come to Lybia for business.

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