McCarthy: Nobody wins in a government shutdown

Image: LN24SA

The US government could enter its fourth shutdown in a decade beginning on October 1, unless the Republican-controlled House and Democratic Senate can pass a funding bill that President Joe Biden then signs into law.

The showdown comes as House Republicans are struggling to pass appropriations bills to keep the government open by the end of the month. The severity of the situation became clear on Wednesday when Republican leaders canceled plans to vote on a defense spending bill.

Defense spending is typically one of the easiest measures for Congress to approve, but the political rancor is upending even the most basic functions of the House.

Lawmakers are heading home for the weekend without any vote on any spending bill or short-term funding bill this week, and no clear plan for how to fund the government past Sept. 29, all while the Senate is moving a package of three spending bills through the chamber with significant bipartisan support.

The United States of America is in shambles and the world is watching.

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