My Child’s Eyesight Restored During Your loveworld With Pastor Chris

My name is Sister Ennie Margolis from Mutare in Zimbabwe. My child, Brilliant, had a challenge with his eyes from birth. His eyes were always watery and something like pus was always in the eyes and I was wiping them now and again. It was depressing for me to see my child suffer from this. I was using tetracycline to treat the eyes to no avail. But when Pastor Chris prayed for the sick on “Your Loveworld”, I touched his eyes and the other hand on the TV screen and that was the end of the problem; he received his healing. I’m so grateful to God and Pastor Chris for restoring my child’s health. Hallelujah! Thank you Pastor Sir for stations such as LoveworldSAT and many others. Thank you Sir.
Sister Ennie from Zimbabwe

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  • by Susan Njenga
    Posted 21 — 12

    Glory to God. Yes distance is not a barrier. I trust that this samee God will do it for me.

    Congratulations 🎉

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