Parents Cholera Outbreak in Hammanskraal: 12 Dead


Twelve people have died from cholera in Hammanskraal.

The Gauteng Department of Health confirmed this on Monday.

According to a spokesman, Motalatale Modiba, “as of last night, we have 37 people that have been admitted in hospital, and we also had 95 people that the hospital had seen who had come to seek medical attention since May 15.”

Locals claimed they have always been aware that the tap water is unsafe to drink.

The Tshwane municipality issued a health advisory on Sunday advising citizens not to consume tap water because it is unsafe.

Response teams were sent out, according to the City of Tshwane, and water samples were taken for further examination.

Residents in certain locations were being supplied with water in the interim by water tankers.

Many people in Hammanskraal switched to bottled water long ago and stopped drinking the tap water.

A local construction worker claimed that although he had read about the cholera deaths on Facebook, he did not require government notification that the water was hazardous because he could taste it for himself.

“The water in Hammanskraal is only suitable for washing; it should not be drunk. We purchase water from stores since the water coming out of the faucets is subpar and appears unclean.

A recent resident of Hammanskraal who sells fruits and vegetables claims she was forewarned not to drink the water.

“I’ve lived here for three months, but I’ve heard that the tap water has an issue and can make you sick, so I buy my water. I only use the water from the faucet to wash and cook after I’ve first boiled it.

Following studies by the Council for Scientific and Industrial studies, the South African Human Rights Commission pronounced the water dangerous for human consumption in 2019.

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