Q & A with Pastor Chris: How do I use my faith?

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Question: How do I use my faith? What do I do after declaring that I have a particular thing for so long and it seems it’s not coming to pass at the time I need it?


Pastor Kayode proffers:
I think that he’s the one giving himself a deadline because, like you taught us sir, faith is not a leap in the dark- it’s a leap on the word! And if he truly believes that he has what he’s asked for, then he should not put himself under duress to say that it must come today, or, it must be tomorrow. He knows inside him that he has it, and he stays with it, and he is going to get the result.

Pastor Chris answers:

That’s it!

See, faith remains unshakeable irrespective of circumstances. As long as you are thinking: ‘I’ve been declaring that I have this thing. It hasn’t come, oh lord! I’ve been clearing!’ and then you get under pressure, you’re not in faith! You are thinking that the constant repetition of your confession is what faith is; but that’s not faith. Faith is not that you’re confessing it. We make the confession because we have faith- our confession is an offspring of faith. ‘… as it is written, I believed, and therefore have I spoken; we also believe, and therefore speak…’ (Scripture Reference 2nd Corinthians 1:13). It doesn’t say we speak and therefore believe. ‘I believed therefore have I spoken’- that’s what the Word says. So, the faith takes a hold of it first and if your faith has taken a hold of it, it is impossible to deny you, because you already have it. How can you come back and say, ‘oh I thought I had it and I found I didn’t have it’?

Faith is a knowledge. It is a spiritual knowledge that you have it. You’re not trying to get it, you have it! The scripture says: ‘Now faith is the ‘substance’ of things not seen’ (Scripture Reference Hebrews 11:1). It is the ‘substance of things hoped for’. If you were hoping for it, if you were wanting to get it and praying about it, when you take a hold of it with your faith because you’ve been hoping for it, your faith has it! It is substance, not an assumption. It didn’t say ‘faith is an assumption of things hoped for’, it says ‘faith is the substance of things hoped for’, which means it has become tangible to you.

Then, the second part of Hebrews 11:1 says: ‘the evidence of things not seen’. ‘Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence…’ If it’s evidence how can you come back and say, ‘I thought I’d been confessing that I had it and then it didn’t come when I wanted it’. That’s impossible because it is evidence! How can you claim to have had it and then you discover you didn’t have it, if it’s evidence? If it’s evidence, it means it’s proof. So, the fact that you are asking this question tells you that you were not in faith when you thought you were!

So, the real question is not going to be ‘what do I do after declaring that I have something and then it doesn’t come when I want it’, your real question should be wanting to learn more about faith. You’d want to know more about faith- How do I use my faith? because you have faith! If you didn’t have faith, you wouldn’t be a Christian because when you hear the gospel, the gospel comes with faith- the seed of faith. Once you receive the gospel of Jesus Christ, it imparts faith into your heart to receive eternal life- you become a Christian. So, faith is already resident in your spirit. The question is, How do I use my faith? That’s what you would want to learn and our book ‘HOW TO MAKE YOUR FAITH WORK’ would help you tremendously, so get a copy of it


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    A man sent from God. Thank you Pastor Sir

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    Thank you Pastor Sir

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      Thank you Rev. Chris.

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