Residents Of Soweto Refuse To Leave The Service Delivery Protest.

image: News24

There have been some minor annoyances in the region as a number of Soweto locals in Moletsane have refused to end their demonstration on Bolani Street.
The locals have promised to keep protesting until their demands are heard.
For their Monday protest, they highlighted a deficiency in service delivery.
The residents’ resentment also included the cost of their electricity.
Eskom and the locals have been engaged in a protracted stalemate.
Eskom was charged of forsaking its mission and pursuing merely financial gain by a community leader.
“Eskom’s goal is to make money. If Eskom had wanted to help Soweto specifically, they could have promoted green energy by providing us with at least a solar panel and explaining that they would be providing subsidies up to a certain level while you would be responsible for the remaining costs “one of the locals stated.

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