SIU Has Been Told To Raise The Bar On Its Performance

They claimed that the SIU should not compete with a weaker version of itself when competing against itself.
The body should have “far more robust targets,” according to Bulelani Magwanishe, head of the justice and correctional ministry.
Magwanishe was presumably referring to the low goal.
In comparison to the previous year, the SIU planned to issue 10 more referrals for disciplinary action against officials or executives in its annual performance plan.
Five more referrals for administrative action were made, 50 more investigations will be completed, and two more reports will be submitted to the president.
Magwanishe believes that boosting performance targets by 10 to 30 targets every year is insufficient.
“We know you’re capable of achieving those goals. We are in a position to congratulate you.
“You must understand that you battled against your previous achievements, and competing against yourself becomes more difficult, and we would not expect an A student to give a C,” he remarked.
Magwanishe remarked, “We’re going to be tougher and more reasonable because we believe you can do it.”
“You should compete with yourself.” You are one of our portfolio’s top performers, despite not being a C. He said, “We are quite proud of the work you perform as the SIU.”
Andy Mothibi, the chief of the SIU, said they were aware of the concern over the unit’s goals.
“I’ll discuss it with my colleagues to see if we can regroup and revisit these targets so they don’t appear conservative,” he added.
In discussions with the SIU personnel, Mothibi stressed the importance of setting ambitious goals.
“This is going to be crucial.” You will witness the over-achievements when we present the annual report.
“The fact that we compete with the lesser version is an indictment,” he remarked.

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