South Africa Will Invest R22 Million In A 100-meter-high Flag

image: public domain pictures

The Department of Sports, Arts and Culture plans to place a flag that will reach a height of more than 100 meters, at a cost of R22 million.
This was announced as part of the department’s national monumental flag initiative. The flag would be a national landmark and tourism attraction, according to the statement.
According to a report by BusinessTech, the flag will be a symbol of “nationhood” and “shared identity” for the people of South Africa.
“The flag, as the country’s brand image, must be well recognized by citizens.” Making a national flag into a democratic monument helps it gain widespread recognition among citizens. “As a symbol of togetherness and common identity, this has the ability to bring people together,” it stated.
The agency estimates that the flag installation will cost R17 million, with geotechnical investigations costing another R5 million.
“The site-specific geotechnical investigations, comprising the environmental impact assessment and other tests and applications that will be necessary prior to construction, are budgeted at R5 million in 2022/23. The installation of the colossal flag will cost R17 million in 2023/24.”

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