UGANDA: President Museveni Sworn In For Sixth Term

Yoweri Museveni, re-elected in January for a sixth term, was sworn in on Wednesday at a ceremony in the capital Kampala, which was placed under heavy security to avoid any demonstrations by the opposition, which is contesting his election.

According to the official results, Mr. Museveni obtained 58% of the votes during the January 14 elections, denounced as a “masquerade” by his main opponent Bobi Wine, who received 35% of the votes. A large security detail was set up for the ceremony, which was attended by eleven African heads of state (Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, Zimbabwe, Somalia, Burundi, DRC, Ghana, South Sudan, Guinea, and Namibia), as well as Chinese and Russian representatives, in order to avoid disturbances from the opposition. The main opposition leaders, Bobi Wine, and Kizza Besigye, said their homes had been surrounded by armed police and military.

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