We’re ShiftingThe Paradigm At Global Day Of Prayer With Pastor Chris This Friday

Recently the world was subjected to lies and deception, which resulted in the destruction of lives, livelihoods and businesses. But thanks be unto God, the church rose to the occasion. Through our heartfelt, continued prayers we truncated all of satan’s plans and strategems. Prayer is our way of getting the power of the spirit of God to bear on our world. Wee make advancements in the realm of thev Spirit through prayer. And yet again we will be putting the world in alignment as we pray with our man of God Pastor Chris at the Global Day of Prayer this Friday. 

Together we will be praying;  making changes in our cities, countries and nations. Our world will never be the same again. Connect to the live non-stop +24 hours prayer broadcast with our man of God Pastor Chris this Friday 25th March 2022 to Saturday 26th March 2022 by 19:00 GMT+2 right here on LoveworldSAT.

Remember to share your expectations and testimones with us by emailing us on loveworldsatdaily@loveworldsat.org. We can’t wait to here from you. God bless you.

Participate live on www.loveworldsat.org/live-tv .

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  • by Esme Williams
    Posted 26 — 03

    I am so happy to be pray today I feel no more sad and feel my life is a disappointed

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