Yali Tribe That Once Killed Missionaries Is Now Sharing The Gospel, Celebrating Gift Of 2,500 Bibles

In 1968, the Yali tribe of Papua New Guinea that practiced witchcraft and cannibalism killed two missionaries. Today, they hunger for the Word of God.

In August, the Yali people received 2,500 Bibles delivered by plane from Mission Aviation Fellowship. Some tribe members walked an entire day’s journey to reach the villages where the Bibles were being handed out. Before the plane landed, women swayed and chanted to celebrate the arrival of the Bibles. Among the Bibles delivered, 1,400 were children’s Bibles brought by one of MAF’s eight Papua New Guinea-based aircraft. The arrival of the Bibles was marked by a celebration with dancing, songs, and speeches. Many people might have thought this scene impossible just 52 years ago. The Yali were once known as the most feared tribe in Indonesia’s Snow Mountains. Short and aggressive, they used their bows to kill other tribesmen and eat them. Even when the tribe wasn’t at war, they hunted people for meat. Few who entered their mountains returned. The tribe didn’t know people existed outside the mountains of Papua New Guinea, or of a way to live without killing each other. Hoaglun said that when the Gospel arrives in a new tribe, it changes everything. The Bible frees people from the fear of evil spirits and from cruel cultural practices. They find hope and peace from faith in Jesus. Just to give you an idea, here a video taken from previous missionary work few years ago

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