Uncommon Miracles Surge The Globe

Unprecedented miracles, unstoppable salvation, and undeniable healing covered every nation at the March edition of The Healing Streams Live Healing Services with Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. 

The largest Healing crusade came as an answer to the cries of billions as ministering healing to the nations and peoples of the earth .

Uninterrupted manifestation of the power of God; resulting in miracles and special blessings were experienced in every home, healing centre, hospital, and where people gathered to participate.


  • by Champion Oliver
    Posted 17 — 04

    Yes they is power in the name of JESUS to heal and bind and to cast down… gloryyyyyyy hallelujah 🙌

  • by shayanewako
    Posted 25 — 03

    Continue continuous soul winning continue quest in se rvitude to our living God ABBA heavenly Father. King Majesty Jesus.Divine.Holy Sourit continue. Never ever stop. Keep on loving God

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