8 Year Old’s Body Found After 11 Months Of Being Reported Missing


An 8 Year old girl, Zinathi Ntuzakhe, who was reported missing after she told her guardian that she was going to buy sweets in September of 2020 has been found dead in a water pipeline in Hofmeyr by the Eastern Cape police. The police is currently looking for suspects.

After finding the remains of Zinathi’s body, a sample was taken for forensic pathology tests and Police spokesperson, Captain Lariane Jonker said “A forensic pathology report received from Pretoria confirmed that the human remains found was positively linked to the DNA obtained from the biological mother.”

The body was found in the midst of another investigation of a 23 Year old woman who was reported that she was trapped in a water pipeline after being raped and thrown into the pipelines.

Captain Lariane Jonker said “On further investigation, a 23-year-old woman was freed from the water supply pipeline and reported that she [had been] raped and thrown into the water supply pipeline by a known suspect.”

The Eastern Cape police shortly arrested a 20 year old boy in connection to the event, furthermore a case of ‘attempted murder and rape’ was open.

Zinathi Ntuzakhe missing person’s report had to be changed to ‘murder’ and the Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences Unit in Cradock are currently investigating the case.

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