Attack at a Jehovah’s Witness Center in Hamburg Left Eight People Dead and Three Critically Wounded


According to police, an attack on a Jehovah’s Witness building in the German city of Hamburg resulted in eight people being shot dead and three others suffering severe injuries.

They claimed that a lone shooter—who may or may not be among the victims—was responsible for the attack.

Police were called at 9:03 p.m. on Thursday after shots were discharged at the Kingdom Hall of the Jehovah’s Witnesses in the Gross Borstel neighborhood.

After entering the building, the gunman reportedly started firing before fleeing to the first floor, according to police. After hearing a shot from an upper level, officers who arrived on the scene discovered a body upstairs.

None of the cops fired their weapons, according to police spokesperson Holger Vehren.

One witness told reporters: “We heard shots.

“There were 12 continuous shots.

“Then we saw how people were taken away in black bags.”

Hamburg Police released the following statement via Twitter: “We discovered a lifeless person in a community center in #GroßBorstel who we think could be a perpetrator.

“We conduct extensive checks and searches to rule out the involvement of other perpetrators.”

Currently unknown is the attack’s motivation.

Peter Tschentscher, the mayor of Hamburg, expressed his sincere condolences to the victims’ relatives.

“The forces are moving swiftly to find the offenders and shed light on the circumstances.”

Police further stated that a significant investigation was ongoing in the city’s northern Alsterdorf neighborhood, which is right next door. The region is a few kilometers north of Hamburg, Germany’s second-largest metropolis, and its central business district.

Numerous police vehicles and armed officials were seen in the vicinity of the incident.

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