City Power Says Power Outages Tax Its Resources

Image: SABC News

City Power said it was struggling to deal with disruptions caused by vandalism and the pressure that power outages were imposing on its personnel.

Numerous residents of Johannesburg awoke to find themselves without power on Friday morning, despite the fact that no scheduled power outages had occurred.

City Power said it was battling outages caused by vandalism to its infrastructure, as well as the strain placed on its personnel by the power cuts.

Blackouts in stage two have begun and are anticipated to last till Monday morning.

Isaac Mangena of City Power stated that the utility had added workers to assist with the massive backlog and address infrastructure and equipment breakdowns.

“We cannot emphasize enough how much load shedding strains our resources at City Power, since we are forced to double our efforts to respond not just to outages but also to restorations following load shedding,” Mangena added.

Homestead Park, Brixton, Gillview, and Fourways are among the localities where outages have occurred.

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