France Will Elect Its Next President On The 24th Of April

Image: LN24SA

French president Emmanuel Macron dangled the possibility of a Brexit-like debacle in his campaign rally on Saturday, ahead of the first round of presidential election voting.

Macron worked to pull back a share of voters in what was his first rally on Saturday, late in the campaign due to being distracted by the war in Ukraine.

Although Macron is still just about in the lead, he’s lost some ground in the polls due to his late campaign efforts and his policies on increasing the state pension age to 65.

In his two-hour rally speech on Saturday, Macron touched on topics such as job creation in the healthcare system in a bid to attract centre-left voters, who the polls have suggested may abstain from voting.

Macron supporters chanted for the current President’s re-election, waiving the French tricolour flag while shouting, “Macron, president! One, two, five more years!”

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