N. Korea Leader Slams Regime’s Economic Bodies Ahead Of Crunch Party Congress In January

Chairing a politburo meeting Sunday, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un criticized the agencies in charge of the regime’s economy for what he said was a failure to handle policy in a scientific manner, and he accused them of failing to do their jobs correctly.

The criticism appears aimed at reinforcing discipline ahead of the Party congress next January where Kim will unveil the regime’s new five-year economic development plan. This past August, Kim made the rare admission that the existing plan had failed… and pledged to come up with a new one. The North’s fragile economy has not only faced COVID-19 lockdowns, it’s also been hit by severe typhoons and global sanctions. In fact, South Korea’s intelligence agency said last week… that Kim had at least two officials executed in the past three months over economic issues like a sudden fluctuation in exchange rates. Another struggle for the regime has been rising commodity prices.

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